100 Jahre      Mikrobiologische Vereinigung München e. V.     1907 - 2007

About this Homepage

To international visitors of this homepage:

This homepage was designed by Dr. Joachim and Klaus Henkel, members of the Mikrobiologische Vereinigung München, in Munich / Bavaria / Germany.

Our intention is introducing visitors in Central Europe to an interesting hobby. In countries like Britain and America, Microscopical Societies and Clubs have a longer tradition and are broadly known. In Central Europe, however, a hobby that involves in messing around with pond water or cutting parts of plants or small animals into thin slices appears rather odd to most people. Thus, as a first step, an introduction, supported by some catching photos, seems more important to us than publishing a lot of tricks for insiders or beginners. As time goes by, this focus on the situation in Central Europe may change.

We wrote this fifteen years ago, and as time went by, the focus changed indeed. The enthusiastic welcome to our website gave rise to steady improvement and significant extent.

Use of the German language still appears to support our intention best. We do not feel a need to offer an additional English version of our homepage, as there are a lot of well made corresponding websites in Britain and America. For foreign guests we are glad to list some international web sites and contact addresses.

Thank you for dropping in and for any feedback!

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